For churches having prayer vigils…

Here is a fresh list of topics for prayer.

Also, you can see the earlier post outlining what a “prayer vigil” is,

Topic’ s

Back to the basics ten commandments for our Lord and Saviour.

Government would be asking God for guidance.

Unity among CABC churches and the new staff persons who are leading us.

Pray for Churches all over the world that they would see a big increase in people coming back to praise and worship the Lord.

That the leaders of our government and schools would bring the bible back in their curriculum.

That people would love each other the way Christ wants them to.

That people would turn from their sinful ways and use media for good instead of evil.

Pray for an improved job market in Lunenburg and Queens countys, the province and the country.

Pray for economic stability around the world.

Pray for those who go into hostile territory to advance the spread of the Gospel, be it at home or abroad.

Pray for the growing of God’s Kingdom in the hearts of every man, woman and child.

Pray for doctrinal purity in the churches and tolerance of diversity.

Pray that the Church remains true to its “first love” in Jesus Christ.

Pray for God’s healing hand to be upon all those who suffer from any illness or injury.

Pray that the Holy Spirit is present in and shining through all the churches of our Association.

Pray for strength, wisdom and guidance for our pastors and church leaders.

Pray that leadership is not an option but a necessity.


Christian leaders

Pray for the responsibility and accountability of the leadership

Pray for leaders to stay away from temptation.

Pray that the leaders could handle the spiritual warfare they are up against.

Pray for the leaders visibility as they are subject to gossip and criticism.

Favor with God

Pray for leaders to walk in spirit, pleasing to the Lord.

Pray for ever increasing knowledge of God.

Pray for the leaders work to be the best.

Pray for leaders to have strength to withstand fiery test.

Pray for leaders to be sensitive to God’s voice and to have spiritual ears and hearts.

Pray for leaders to speak the word with boldness where ever they go.

Favor with Man

Pray that people would be sensitive to financial needs of spiritual leaders and support them.

Pray that God would send His ministering angels to guard the leaders.

Pray that all leaders will be in unity and attuned to the Holy Spirit for direction and that they woul support one another.

Pray for God to give the leaders a spirit of wisdom, understanding, knowledge, counsel,strength, and obedient and reverent fear of the Lord.

Pray that the leaders will witness effectively and the boldly to the lost.

Pray that God would prepare the hearts of those with whom the leaders share the gospel.


Pure vision

Pray for God to clarify the vision for ministry in your church to the leaders.

Pray for helpers to carry out your vision.

Pray for keen discernment between God,s wisdom and human wisdom.

Pray for discernment against impure motives.

Pray for God to lead and direct the leaders paths.


Spirit Soul and body

Pray for divine health; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Pray for the effects of tiredness and discouragement to be loosed from the leaders minds.

Pray for the fruit of the spiritually

Pray for total submission to the Lord in every aspect of life.

Pray for the spirit of unity, humility, and cooperation.

Pray for leaders to pursue righteousness, faith,love, and peace.

Pray for leaders to feed daily on the Word of God and maintain a faithful

prayer life.


Warfare and protection

Pray that God would send angels to guard our leaders, their family’s and property.

Pray that the angels would go before them and do battle in their behalf.

Pray that God foils all traps and attacks of the enemy.

Pray against all occult activity.



Pray the lord would cause all leaders to abound in prosperity; body, soul and Spirit.

Thank God for providing all needs; personal,family and ministry.

Pray for all leaders to be wise stewards of time.

Pray that all leaders would make their relationship with God top priority.



Pray for unity and understanding among all family members.

Pray for no resentment when sacrifice is required.

Pray for God to meet emotional needs.

Pray that leaders would spend quality time with their family both leisure and spiritual.

Pray for the family to discern each others needs. (emotional,physical ,material and spiritual).

Pray for them to overcome pressures and stress