Minutes, reports, etc. from annual business meeting, Oct. 22, 2022

Please relay this to your church treasurers: As Fran DeLong has retired from her role as treasurer of our Baptist Association, please forward all contributions to the Lunenburg-Queens Baptist Association through our new Moderator, Rev. Royce Getson, 822 Labelle Rd., Greenfield, NS, B0T 1E0. If there are any questions, his cell is 902-523-3035 and his home phone is 902-685-3035. Email is roycealicegetson@hotmail.com.

Also please note that we have not yet filled the position of Treasurer. Suggestions or volunteers would be most welcome.

The following are the minutes and reports from our business meeting last Saturday (Oct. 22). If you have any trouble opening them, please let me know and I can send them to you in other ways.

  • Minutes of the Oct. 22, 2022 annual business meeting are here.
  • The financial report for the year is here.
  • The budget for the coming year is here.
  • The nominating committee report is here.
  • The report from Council is here.
  • Long Lake Camp’s report for summer 2022 is here.
  • Long Lake Camp’s minutes from their last board meeting is here.
  • The registration form for Long Lake Camp’s 2023 season is here.
  • The application form for a Ministry Initiative Grant is here.