In this post, you will find…

  • minutes and reports from the annual meeting of our Lunenburg-Queens Baptist Association
  • forms for exciting grants and bursaries
  • an announcement about an upcoming pulpit exchange

Minutes and reports: we scrambled at the last minute to recruit some online delegates to attend our annual business meeting , in order to reach our quorum of 35. Many thanks to the folks at Bridgewater Baptist for providing the technology to do so.

  • Minutes of the annual business meeting are here
  • The Nominating Committee Report is here.
  • The financial report for the year is here.
  • The budget for the coming year is here.
  • Long Lake Camp’s update is here, balance sheet is here, and income statement is here.
  • There was discussion about changing the constitution of the Long Lake Camp Society regarding the make-up of its board. The current document that serves as its constitution is here.

Imagine if someone gave your church $1000 and told you to use it to reach out to people in your community with the love of Christ, or to do something to revitalize your church ministry in some way. What would you do with it? Our Association wants to give churches like yours just such a challenge. We allocated one of our $1000 grants at the meeting. Now there are 4 more left. The description and form are here. Someone asked recently, what does the form mean when it says that the church must have a “demonstrable financial need”? That doesn’t mean your church has to be broke to get the grant. It might mean instead that you have lots of other good things you are using money for, and that having this extra money provided makes this extra project possible (and extravagant and joyful). Completed forms can be emailed to me at samuel.w.jess@gmail.com or mailed to me at PO Box 4, Barss Corner, NS, B0R 1A0.  Note: since our Council meets on an as-needed basis, we can call online meetings to approve grants and bursaries as the applications come in. So you do not have to wait for another scheduled meeting to receive your approval.

We also budget to give bursaries to members of our churches who are pursuing theological education. The form is here. The form says that it gives priority to full-time students, but it does not exclude part-time students from applying.

We voted at our meeting to appoint Rev. Janet Baker to coordinate an Association-wide pulpit exchange in the spring. The churches who choose to participate will have their names put into a hat, to switch pastors with another church for a Sunday. Email Janet to opt-in, or if you have questions. jaypo50@hotmail.com. (I was describing the idea of a pulpit exchange to one of my children this week. He got a very worried look on his face, and said, “Switch churches, forever?” Then relief to learn no, just for one Sunday.)

Yours in Christ,

Samuel Jess, clerk for the Lunenburg-Queens Baptist Association, 902-644-1013

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