Supply Preachers

The following is a list of people in our Association who have put their names forward to be available as supply preachers (e.g., fill in on a Sunday morning when a regular preacher is away).

LUNENBURG-QUEENS BAPTIST ASSOCIATION PULPIT SUPPLY: The following preachers are accredited by the Association or the Convention


Pastor Paula Davidson – Recognised Convention Lay Pastor

LPTP Diploma

Phone: 902-624-0736

Member of New Cornwall Baptist Church, and on the pastoral staff of Bridgewater Baptist Church. Attends both.



Lic. Douglas Oickle – Association Lay License to Minister

Member of Chester United Baptist Church

LPTP Diploma

Phone: 902-275-4308



Pastor Angela Stewart – Recognized Convention Lay Pastor

Phone: 902-521-5257

Member of Emmanuel Baptist Church of Parkdale-Maplewood.




Vicky Sovie — holds Association License

Member at Chelsea United Baptist Church

phone 902-685-2402, email


Other: the following individuals do not hold Association or Convention credentials but have made themselves available for pulpit supply, at the discretion of the churches who call them.

Rev. Richard Bristo, member at Bridgewater Baptist Church



Gordon Fevens – LPTP Diploma

ADC student

Phone: 902-644-3207



Dan Williams – LPTP Diploma

43 Old Fall Road, Liverpool, NS

Cell: 350-6997

Active member of Wellspring Christian Community Outreach in New Germany



Rev. Dr. Doug Mailman

Phone: 902-682-2237

Cell: 541-7357



Last updated  19 Oct. 2018