Book Recommendations

Ideas about books:

“Chester Baptist began a Book Club in September 2013 and we currently have eleven members.  We found that the adult section of our church library was not being used as much as it could have been.  Those of us that are avid readers wanted to share some of the great Christian fiction that is available.  We meet once a month and take turns choosing the books.  We aren’t a Bible study but many of the books do reference scripture.  Many have discussion questions included.  Christian Book Distributors and other websites have discussion questions also.  The public library has some Christian fiction.  The more we request the more they will have on hand as they do want to meet the needs of their clientele.  We always include the title and author in our church bulletins for the information of the other readers in the congregation  who don’t want to belong to a club.  I have attached the list of what we have read so far and would love to hear about what our church members are reading.”
 –Trishe Colman
Book                             Author                          
At Home in Mitford     Jan Karon               
Yada Yada Prayer Group    Neta Jackson    
 Letters from Ruby          Adam Thomas
A Voice in the Wind        Francine Rivers    
The Gathering                Becca Anderson   
Whispers in the Wind      Lauraine Snelling
Pierce the Darkness         Frank Perelli         
The Debt                        Angela Hunt        
Ozzy’s Oddessy                                          
Who’s Grace                       James Coggins [not worth reading]
They Looked for a City  Lydia Buksbazen 
The Bishop’s Man            Lynden McIntyre
Invisible Ellen                Shari Shattuck     
The Atonement Child   Francine Rivers      
Where Do I go      Neta Jackson                 
#2                         Neta Jackson                 
The Healer            Dee Henderson              
She Said Yes         Misty Bernall                 
A Month of Summer Lisa Wingate              
Sarah’s Garden      Kelly Long                   
Escape from Auschwitz  Joel Rosenthall